What is Mineral Paper – an ecological inkjet photo paper

Mineral Paper is similar to traditional wood based paper, however it is made with Calcium Carbonate – rocks, rather than tree pulp. No acids, alkali or bleaches are used during its production, and water use is greatly reduced. Any waste created during manufacture is recycled back into the production process. The production is also a less energy intensive process using between 25% and 50% less energy than ‘normal’ photo papers. As such Mineral Photo Paper can be considered a very environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood based photo papers.

The paper is 80% Calcium Carbonate is bonded together with a small amount of HDPE (plastic). This gives the paper a unique ‘feel’ and some very useful properties.

It doesn’t absorb as much ink as regular wood based paper; printed images stay much crisper and cleaner because the ink doesn’t bleed; and it’s tear, grease and water-resistant.

Mineral Photo Paper is available in Matt finish only and we currently have it in A4 and a traditional 6”x4” size. Mineral paper really is a great alternative to traditional photo papers.

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